JP Sports & Louisville Slugger Sports Complex are proud to present the

Flashin’ Leather - The Series

NEW for 2022! Flashin’ Leather – The Series is hosted exclusively at the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex. Enjoy the best awards package in youth sports! Every player on each Championship team will receive a Wilson A2000 baseball glove!


• The Glove Awards Package is awarded only to the Champions in the top bracket of the division. For example, AA and Open divisions with Gold and Silver brackets, only the Gold Bracket Champions would receive the Glove Awards Package.

• Max of 12 gloves per team.

• Gloves award to rostered players only.

• Players MUST be present to be awarded a glove.

• Teams outside of 90 miles must be in compliance with the Stay-To-Play.

• “Sandbag Rule” – Any team that is deemed to be playing in AA for purposes of winning the tournament for the Glove Awards Package may be ruled ineligible for the prize package (Please be sure to play at a competitive level that is appropriate for your team).

• Divisions: must have 12 teams or tournament must sell out at 84 teams for divisions to receive gloves.

• Teams must be rostered and sanctioned with USSSA and JP Sports.

Due to global COVID-19 Pandemic, we have had to pre-order A2000 gloves for The Flashin’ The Leather Series. The Champions will receive a pre-determined awards package.

Previously our terms and conditions stated, “Divisions must have 12 teams or tournament must sell out at 84 teams for division to receive gloves.”

We have decided to throw a change up…
Over the last couple of weeks, we realized that a couple of weekends many of the divisions wouldn’t be eligible for the glove and that’s not what this was all about. Therefore, we came up with an option to “upgrade to the A2000 awards package”, for teams that were in a division that didn’t qualify for the A2000. Here’s how the upgrade will work:
For every division with less than 12 teams, the Champions can pay $200 per team to get to the 12 teams and get the A2000 Gloves. For example, if we have 10 teams, it will cost $400 and 12 players would be eligible for the gloves (additional gloves can be bought for rostered players at the $200/per glove price).

We hope that gets your team even more excited to play JP Sports and at the Louisville Slugger Sport Complex.
JP Sports and LSSC are looking forward to hosting your team in 2022!


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